We are truly fishermen. 

For generations, other people have been telling our story; we believe the time has come for us to tell our own.

We are fishermen. We are businessmen. We are environmentalists. We work hard to support our families, both out to sea, and on land.

We are not corporate giants operating fleets of hundred foot ships. We are not one man heading out in a dinghy with grey hair and a yellow raincoat. We are the owner-operators of multi generational, independent family fishing businesses from the small historic fishing port of Half Moon Bay, California that have come together to try something new. 

We are also the only groundfish fishermen for hundreds of miles doing what we do, the way that we do it...and we can prove it.

We are truly accountable. 

We don’t want to bore you, with rules and regulations, but it is important to understand that not all fish is harvested equally. Fish that look and taste the same, but are managed differently have much different impacts on the health of our ocean resources.

True Groundfish is harvested under the highly regulated West Coast Groundfish Catch Share System. This is a quota-based system that guarantees a level of accountability for our catch, beyond any other West Coast fishery, groundfish or otherwise.  One hundred percent accountability means human observers and/or experimental cameras on our boats monitor every pound of fish we catch. No throwing over, what we might not have intended to catch (by-catch), no choosing which size fish we bring in to satisfy markets. We catch it, we account for it. Every pound.

We are truly sustainable.

 We are environmentalists, conservationists, basically we are "Ocean Huggers". For more than a decade, we have been on the front lines with folks from The Nature Conservancy and the Environmental Defense Fund to change the way groundfish is managed and harvested.

We are proud to be founding members of the California Groundfish Collective, which is a collaboration with The Nature Conservancy, and our sister ports in Morro Bay and Fort Bragg. This work has earned us a Sustainable Seafood Certification from the Marine Stewardship Council and the highest sustainability rankings from the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Program of "Green/Best choice".

We are simply true.

We have been fishing for generations, learning from the past and adapting for a new future. We've changed the way we catch fish, and continue to strive for better management of our ocean resources.

Now we are setting out to change the way people choose the fish they eat.